Friday, 3 February 2012

Bootie-ful baby shoes

When Freya was tiny, I discovered the wonder and joy that is a knitted bootie! I'd made all sorts of things for her - cardigans, jumpers, cot bumper, teddy... the list goes on - but hadn't thought about knitting booties. Luckily Grandma Pat was on the ball and Freya's tiny toes were kept cosy all through the winter months with a wonderful selection of knitted footwear.

Wingnut is due in the Spring so keeping those toes toasty is unlikely to be a problem but I have succumbed once more to the nesting instinct and made these little beauties from a King Cole Nursery Knitting pattern book from 1991 (almost vintage!). Knowing our weather it could well be snowing in May, so at least I can sleep easy knowing that all weather conditions have been catered for!

These boots were really quick to make - 1 per evening - so I'm pretty tempted to whip up another couple of pairs.

Okay, so little pom-pom Mary-Janes are not the most subtle of baby footwear, but the way I see it dressing up as a clown in your earliest months is surely a good way to start life! They are crocheted and like the boots, took no time at all. I think I might hold off on making more until Wingnut arrives and we know what flavour baby we've got - I'm starting to run out of ideas for gender neutral colours! By the way, the tanktop is another result of my nesting-knitting and was made using a Debbie Bliss pattern.

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