Saturday, 26 June 2010

Craft adventures #5, 6, 7 and 8

Yesterday, Freya and I skipped home from my Crafty Friday course as the more-or-less-proud owners of 3 tea light jar holders. As with all of the crafts we've tried our hands at, I was surprised at how tricky it was - glass paint is a sneaky little beast and there's definitely a disconnect between the wondrous arty masterpeices in my brain and the splodgy messes that end up in front of me. We started these last week and I think absence made the heart grow fonder as I wasn't quite as disappointed with my first two jars as I remembered from last Friday! I'd been going for an abstract melted stained glass effect - I don't think I've quite managed that, but I'm hoping they'll look pretty in the garden with tea lights flickering insight as it gets dark. The plan is to hang them from our tree (hopefully without burning it down!).

I'm going to keep collecting jars for more tealights as I have a vision of our garden all lit up like a fairy kingdom, but I think I might try this much simpler fabric tea light method from Prudent Baby.

Also, this week I got round to hanging up the wire, bead and button mobile that we made in weeks #5 and 6 in Freya's room - this one I'm definitely pleased with and I like the way the small heart spins round gently in the draft.

And finally, the bead, button and flower necklace has made it's debut outing....

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Disaster!!! I've just cut a massive whole in the dress I'd nearly finished for Freya - I'm sooo angry with myself right now that all I can do is ROAR!!!!


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

And for my next trick....

... I shall make a baby appear from a saucepan!

ta dah!!!

Yet again I'm feeling guilty at falling behind with blogging - and I've got all sorts to update you on soon I promise, but in the meantime, I couldn't resist sharing this photo from today's kitchen shenanigans.

Unfortunately, I don't have a tutorial for magic babies!


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