Friday, 30 March 2012

One pattern three ways

I made these two tops and dress a little while ago, but have only just managed to get photos of all three from my sometimes-reluctant model. The pattern is McCalls M6388 - pretty simple, but be warned - there's lots of gathering involved in the dress, particularly if you go for the long sleeves version. I saved up an episode of Mildred Pierce and pinned the gathers in one big batch while thanking the heavens that my daughter is not a Veda (well, not yet anyway!).

Version 1: the short sleeved top

 Version 2: long sleeved vintage fabric top with pockets

Version 3: the dress - perfect for eating cake with Daddy

The pattern also includes a really quick and easy pair of leggings, which I'd definitely recommend - you can see one of the pairs I've made just peeking out in the photo above. They turn out beautifully - I just added an extra couple of inches to the length.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Vintage Flea Market Finds

Last weekend was a real winner- Saturday was spent feeding ducks, waving at trains, playing in sand and eating icecreams the size of our heads.
 On Sunday, I made a solo voyage to Bethnal Green for the Vintage Furniture Flea market from Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair.

Ooh, what a haul!  I found the perfect 70s lamp that we've been wanting for ages - complete with original shade - a fab rug and a set of 3 italian mugs. Here they are, proudly displayed in our home after successfully surviving a trip across London on the tube and a bus ride back to Oxford!

On the textile front, my vintage fabric stock was boosted with these 3 little beauties... 

and lastly, Freya now has a funky "pinny" for playing, cooking and mealtime fun...
Some of the vendors that particularly caught my eye were (clockwise from top):
  • E.W. Moore & Son Ltd who specialise in vintage wallpaper
  • Oh so Retro! Some fab homewares
  • Your Vintage Life - Gorgeous homewares and textiles - including my new blue fabric above which was being sold on the roll. I met the very helpful Kate.
  • Etcetera - Based in Margate, the lovely Shelly and her partner have a frequent spot at Spitalfields market and were very kind to me! I bought the German lamp from them and was so pleased that  my fab new lamp came from such lovely people!
If you're close to London I'd really recommend a visit to the next market - just the right size, reasonable prices and lots of lovely vendors - not to mention some delicious homemade cakes!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Action Man Chic

This week my collection of vintage knitting patterns and buttons quadrupled in size, thanks to a wonderful legacy left by a colleague's aunt. I'm looking forward to sharing some highlights in the coming weeks, and thought I'd start off with a little taster taken from a Wendy's Dolls pattern book.

Here is Action Man, enjoying the simple pleasures of outdoor life in a handknitted aran sweater (is it wrong to find him strangely attractive? The beard is definitely working for me)

And here is Action Man, putting the action into the man with his steel stallion and some lethal judo moves

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Maxing it up

Maybe it's something to do with my expanding waistline, but I've recently become a massive fan of all things oversized... well, okay, that's an (oversized) exaggeration... to be honest, it's mostly just bags I'm talking about here! Anyway, what I'm working my way up to is an introduction of the new "Stella" maxi fold-over clutch. She's big and beautiful and the perfect showcase for some fabulous vintage fabrics. Check out my folksy shop for more.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The 'Aminal' duvet

Take one vintage sheet, add a metre and a half of vintage children's fabric and what do you have? One very happy little girl with a brand new duvet and pillowcase. Counting all the different 'aminals' is our new favourite bedtime game.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

UK Handmade Magazine: Spring Issue

The Spring issue of UKHandmade went live last week, with the theme of crafting in the community. Stick on the kettle and read it here:

...and while you are there, take a look at my woodland themed Spring Mobile Make on page 81,

and interview with Andrew Topping, founder of YourIndies on page 84.

I was slightly nervous about seeing these articles in print as they were written from the very deepest depths of my dark pregnancy cave way back in January! However, it appears I just about managed to stay making sense - amazing!!


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