Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Going round in circles

This weekend we had a family trip to Baby Boogie. Supposedly a Sunday afternoon disco experience for the under 5's, it's fundamentally a thinly veiled excuse for parents to throw some shapes. I highly recommend an audience of 3 year olds as a confidence builder in ones dance abilities. No alcohol in sight - not even a fizzy drink -  and there we were, running through every move in the book of Dad Dancing. Things got wild when someone broke out their Caterpillar. Much whooping ensued. Then the children starting crying.

Anyway, the reason I share, is because we clearly needed a special disco skirt for such an occasion. Luckily I had just the right pattern to hand- Burda Style Issue 6/2013 has a fab dancing skirt. Two-tiered, circular and gathered onto an also gathered waistband. It has a twirl factor of 10.

Although fun to make, it definitely needs a lightweight cotton and I think the fabrics (an ikea bird print and a vintage cotton) were on the heavier end of what will work. The pattern goes for an unfinished raw edge hem. While I like the idea (who wouldn't want to avoid hemming a two-tiered circular skirt), Mr Loulabelle made a comment about it not being finished yet, and I hate to confess that I kind of agree! (ssssh, don't tell him I said that!)

There's a version of this pattern for mum's too - dare I make myself a disco skirt?? Or would it just get in the way of The Caterpillar?

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Stash flash

I've been re-stocking my vintage fabric stash over the past week or so. Would you like to take a peek? Here are some of my lovely new fabric friends. Aren't they pretty?


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