Friday, 29 March 2013

Things that made me smile this month

Ever find that you've entered a new taste phase without quite noticing? As an antidote to chilly noses and icy fingers, I thought I'd share a little post about things that have been making me feel warm and cosy inside.

Looking at what has drawn my eye this month, it seems I've entered a new era of kitsch! Not my usual style, but there's clearly nothing for it but to embrace the cute woodland creature within. (It's a chipmunk.) 

Happy Easter everyone!

Vintage greetings card - complete with awesome pun and happy puppies!

Charity shop find: 'The Happy Forest' 1968 story book with music by Eric Winstone (band leader, composer, journalist, television and radio personality), illustrated by Susan Aspey

Popcorn box, from Tuesday's visit to the circus - hurrah!

 Vintage style baby deer decoration

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The 'strike a pose' dress

This has never happened before: I asked Freya to let me take a photo in the new frock I made, and instead of carrying about her normal 3 and a half year old business while I merrily snapped away, she started striking poses. Some were dramatic - a few power punches, a couple of Tree Foo Tom moments - some gymnastic  - arabesque, headstand - and some alarmingly fashion forward - she has the 'London Look' to a T. All highly amusing, but detracting somewhat from the dress!

Anyway, after much coaxing of the temperamental model, here are the tamer shots of my latest creation:

The shape is based on a mexican folk dress that she'd grown out of. The style is very basic but I like it's boxy smock-ness - perfect for a knock-about dress. I used a charity shop doilly for the neck trim and some broiderie anglaise and ribbon for the hem decoration. The main fabric is a 30s revival print and the yoke is a tangerine orange.

I roughly increased the size of the original dress by adding 5mm to the width on each side of the yoke and increasing the length. Overall I'm pretty pleased - it's not the most 'finessed' of garments, but I think it's got rustic charm! I was however, marked down a few points by my model for a lack of "twirliness". I must remember that twirls are very important these days - maybe that would have got me less of the "London look" and more "happy pre-schooler"!


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