Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The 'strike a pose' dress

This has never happened before: I asked Freya to let me take a photo in the new frock I made, and instead of carrying about her normal 3 and a half year old business while I merrily snapped away, she started striking poses. Some were dramatic - a few power punches, a couple of Tree Foo Tom moments - some gymnastic  - arabesque, headstand - and some alarmingly fashion forward - she has the 'London Look' to a T. All highly amusing, but detracting somewhat from the dress!

Anyway, after much coaxing of the temperamental model, here are the tamer shots of my latest creation:

The shape is based on a mexican folk dress that she'd grown out of. The style is very basic but I like it's boxy smock-ness - perfect for a knock-about dress. I used a charity shop doilly for the neck trim and some broiderie anglaise and ribbon for the hem decoration. The main fabric is a 30s revival print and the yoke is a tangerine orange.

I roughly increased the size of the original dress by adding 5mm to the width on each side of the yoke and increasing the length. Overall I'm pretty pleased - it's not the most 'finessed' of garments, but I think it's got rustic charm! I was however, marked down a few points by my model for a lack of "twirliness". I must remember that twirls are very important these days - maybe that would have got me less of the "London look" and more "happy pre-schooler"!


  1. I love those poses! Can't beat a bit of sass in the photos :)

    p.s. did you know you have word verification turned on?

  2. Oh yes, it's all about the sass these days! Thanks Samantha!

    Re word verification - I was getting some spam ad comments from automated systems, so was hoping it might help to avoid irritating messages - but don't want to put people off posting comments!

  3. Cute dress.... oh so cute kid! Brilliant. :)



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