Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Knitting for Ladies

Last week I got my knitty little hands on another batch of vintage patterns - it's been a while since our last vintage knit post, so I reckon it's time for another review of the highs and curious lows of knitting moments from the past. I say moments, but some of these beauties would take me years to create!

First up is the Vogue Knitting Book No 52 published around 1958 - so a bit earlier than my favoured vintage era. These knits are much more for the "lady" and perhaps that's one reason why I find them beautiful but unnerving. The other reason is they are clearly aimed at the highly committed knitter. We're enticed to "Make this a Knitted Summer" and in view of our current climate, that still seems like a pretty good idea. But, on the downside, these patterns don't leave much time for beach trips, barbecues or ball games.

 Take for example, this beautiful minimalist two piece dress designed for "off-duty fun". Gorgeous yes, but knitted on the skinniest of needles (imperial size 11/metric size 3), that veneer of whimsical serenity on the models face is actually the vacant glaze acquired from many many many hours of teeny tiny stocking stitch.

Next we have the Late Day Dress - again, beautiful but that my friends, is a lace dress hand knitted in 2ply wool. We can be pretty sure that the butler finished that one off while Madam did some leaning against the summer house pillars (leaning against outdoor structures was big in 1958 it seems).

There are some more achievable styles - for example the striped cardigan blouse - described as "easy to live in" - probably because its knitted in 4 ply so might actually get finished. I think we all agree that "bracelet length sleeves" are much more glamorous than your bog standard 3/4 length.

 The rose cardigan is very pretty but I know my roses would look like blobs of blancmange.

This double breasted jacket blouse is a bit more accomplishable, and "pastels are knitting headlines in the Continent " you know, but I'm despeartely missing the chunky vibrant shades of the 60s and 70s.

 The most achievable pattern - and the one I might actually attempt is this garter stitch dolman pullover with roll collar.  In fact, it's going on The List, so who knows, one day I might actually be able to show you a finished version (although there will be no smoking on speed boats for me I fear!).

Well, enough of the land of ladies, next up is the 60s for some Patons projects that, while still ambitious are at least using double knit wool... stay tuned!

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