Friday, 31 August 2012

60s fashion knits

After the intimidating lady knits of the late 50s, let's head over to the 60s for a look at Patons Fashion Knits no 13. This is much more in my comfort zone - both in terms of style (safely back in a world of clashing colours and funky tights) and knitting ability. It's double knit and aran a go go from here on (phew!)

First up we banish the trauma of the 50s 2 ply lace dress with this infinitely more realistic version knitted in chunky yarn. Still likely to reveal every single biscuit you ever ate, but at least you could knit it within a year and it looks great in a sketch.

I love these his and hers apres-ski sweaters. Not sure I'd be able to convince Mr Loulaballe to adopt the Roger-Moore-at-play look but I'm definitely up for going solo with the lady version.

This red snow cape ticks all the boxes for me - cosy, all-enveloping and the perfect way to create an air of mystery (you could do all sorts under there - read a book, wash the dishes, strum a small guitar).  Okay, so I know this is very wrong, but I am also strangely drawn to the "attractive brushed helmet". It would give my children nightmares, but snug in my helmet of wooly check, the fearful pleas to "take the scary hat off, mummy" would be nicely muffled.

Unfortunatley, here is where Patons Fashion Knits starts to get the better of me. The stockings and pillar box hat are definite yes for style, but how do you keep a hat like that on your head, and as much as I love the green and olive stockings, I fear my attention span would reduce them to ankle socks.

Finally, I had to share this housecoat and long johns combo. The pattern says it all really:  "slightly crazy, but very chic... makes an amusing outfit for a winter evening at home". hmmm...

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