Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A good time in Thame

Yesterday was the inaugural "Day-trip Tuesday" - a new fortnightly, or thereabouts, event dreamt up to keep two vintage and textile loving mums and their babies entertained while baby yoga classes are taking a summer break. Of course, it's also part of a selfless plan to support the local economies of Oxfordshire charity shops (we're all about giving something back!).

Our first destination was Thame, and if every trip is as "successful" as this one, I may well need to clear out a couple of cupboards!

First spot was this adorable pinafore skirt - Freya waved goodbye this morning looking like the most perfect little Heidi ever. She won't look like that when I pick her up, but at least I tried! I'm definitely going to use this skirt as pattern for other versions - it would look fab in a light courdory for autumn/winter.

The next find was this summer dressing gown - much more glam than the drab grey maternity one I've been using. [Note to self:  avoid self portraits in a dressing gown at all costs! Mostly you will look like a total poser or a terrifyingly hideous 'Readers Wife'. This not so great shot, was the last of 36 and that look in my eyes is one of desperation!]

A spot of vintage chintz to add to the fabric stash - a work-related find to make this trip feel less indulgent!

Lastly, a set of 4 dinner plates and 1 side plate at the bargain price 50p each - I've been looking for plates I like for ages as we were down to 2 pitiful cracked white ones from Matalan. These brown lovelies fit in pefectly with our 70s kitchen accessories theme - and even tie in nicely with my prized Orla Kiely butter dish, so everything's golden in the kitchen department!

My fellow shopping friend snapped up an amazing wall clock with a fab 60s/70s face on a leather "wrist-strap". Sounds horrendous, but truly it is a thing of vintage wonderment! 

So, altogether a pretty good morning's work! Our next trip is planned for Witney.. stay tuned for more vintage delights (I hope!)

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  1. Oh I love the sound of day trip Tuesday. I am a confirmed day-tripper! I love your finds too - Freya's outfit is achingly cute!!



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