Thursday, 27 January 2011

Letterpress memory frame

Freya stayed over at Grandma and Grandad's this weekend (never thought the prospect of a lie-in could be quite so exciting!) and when I picked her up, this wonderful gift was waiting for me. Dad's background and passion is in printing and his prized letterpress collection now resides at the bottom of the garden. Every time I look at this beautiful letterpress frame, I'll be thinking of the time Dad spent in his shed adding varnish, backing and a perspex front, and can't wait for Freya to understand why this frame has such special meaning.

I've been meaning to start a memory box for ages now, but this is sooo much better! The first thing going in this frame will be her hospital tags, booties and a few special photos, but we're going to take our time adding other photos and bits and peices that each mean something.

I've found this post about making a letterpress box into jewellery case - maybe Freya will use hers that way one day too!

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