Friday, 28 January 2011

Knitting work in progress

I've taken the plunge with the most complicated knitting pattern I've attempted so far - not really sure now is the time for a challenge, but hey ho, the great thing about knitting is you can always unravel it and make a scarf!

The 3.5 centremeters pictured here is the product of four evenings - this may take a while! If it avoids the scarf fate and acheives its ultimate purpose, this frothy, minty green yarn will end up as a delicate, lacy, vintage inspired balloon sleeve top designed by Rowan... just don't hold your breath!


  1. I love this pattern. I can't wait to see how yours turns out. The colour is yum.

  2. Looks like it will be a beautiful piece when it's are brave for taking on such a challenge!

  3. I know the feeling! I started my very first jumper this weekend (eek). What a beautiful pattern and I love the colour.



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