Wednesday, 5 May 2010

New craft adventures

Last week, on a bit of a whim, I signed up to a 10 session taster course of lots of different crafts. It was the creche that swayed me - 2 hours a week of dedicated, guilt-free craft time while Freya plays (or tries to eat) lots of other babies.

The first session was focused on mosaic and after I've finished the grouting Friday, our bathroom shall soon display my debut mosaic flowerpot - the first of a new series of crafted "heirlooms" as Paul rather cheekily put it.

This week we are looking at decoupage and I've been thinking about what I want to acheive. I've decided I would like to have a go at beautifying my make-shift... sorry, "up-cycled" cake tin which is actually a chocolate tin leftover from Christmas. Here's the Before photo, complete with chocolate cake:
I've been searching online for inspiration and have found some really cool vintage cake tins/carriers. Now I want them all!
  1. Vintage Art Deco Style Fruit Cake Tin by JollyPollyPickins
  2. Take the Cake in Style Vintage Cute Peach and Green Floral Tin Cake Carrier by jenscloset
  3. Mid Century Cake Tin by avantgarage
  4. Shabby Chic Yellow Plaid and Floral Vintage Cake Tin Pan Carry Box by thodge62
  5. Vintage Cake Carrier by claireferrante
  6. Cupcake Cake Carrier by theButterDish
  7. Cake Carrier by kitchencupboard
  8. Vintage Sunflower Cake Carrier by PatinaVintage
I'm hoping it won't look too odd to depart from the usual more Victorian inspired decoupage style and go 70s instead. So, fingers crossed it doesn't turn out as a complete disaster - I have promised myself that I will be honest about my new crafting skills and will post the results, however hideous the outcome!

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