Monday, 26 April 2010

Dorothy Bohm - more inspiration!

Radio 4's Front Row programme last Friday included a feature on photographer Dorothy Bohm. I love art - and particularly photography - but am more than a touch ignorant about it. Anyway, Dorothy Bohm's life story and the way she spoke about observing the world around her was fascinating. I've just had a chance to look up some of her pictures and I'm hooked! I love the kind of photography that builds a picture of the world by capturing the fleeting, seemingly insignificant moments of life. And of course, being a fan of all things vintage, I love her early pictures - did everyone in the 50s and 60s look this cool going about their daily life?

There's an exhibition of her work at the Manchester Art Gallery at the moment, but hopefully it will be touring later in the year.

Right, I'm now off to sit in windows and stand in doorways until someone takes a picture of me!

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