Friday, 7 May 2010

Craft adventures #2

So, I've just returned from the second of my crafty Friday sessions. My mosaic flowerpot was waiting for me on the windowsill with all it's little mosaic'ed friends:
I've now completed the grouting (VERY therapeutic - I shall be looking for things to grout in moments of stress from now on) and my mosaic "masterpeice" will be able to come home to roost in the bathroom next week. I think I'm pleased with it - maybe I should have put the ceramic peices closer together so there is less grout on show.
I was surprised at how easy the process was so I might keep an eye out for charity shop china and put this in my mental bank of Christmas present ideas.....

I also managed to make a start on the decoupage - I've decided to go for a design based on circles but the first stage was to create a plain background - this is as far as I got.... Let's hope it gets better (and a little less brown)!!!
Back to mosaic... here are some new and some vintage peices I've spotted on Etsy and Folksy that put my new found "skills" into perspective!

Clockwise (from top left):
  1. Mosaic Modern Mirror by memoriesinmosaics
  2. Mid Century Mosaic Tile Plate by domestikate
  3. Thesarus Mosaic Mirror by Garwerth
  4. G.E. Vintage Wall Clock by pinkbeeb0
  5. Mosaic Row of Beach Huts by The Mosaic Garden
  6. Retro Tile Trivet by Fuzzsicle

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