Friday, 18 February 2011

A skirt for me!

I made this skirt before Christmas and completely forgot to post about it. So, here is my "origami" skirt. I like it an awful lot indeed. There are many reasons: first it’s the first thing I’ve made myself in ages. Second, it’s the first thing I’ve made myself that came out just how I imagined it would in even longer. Third, it was really quick and really easy to make. Fourth – it looks like it was really hard and took a very long time to make. Fifth - I love the fabric. Sixth… okay, you get the picture. I’m happy with my skirt!

So, if you want to make one too, it’s from the 11/2010 issue of BurdaStyle magazine. Eventually, I’m going to make another in a more glamorous fabric for evening time – there’s no rush right now as my evenings are mostly spend in pyjamas with a sewing machine, but maybe one day a new era of cocktail parties and sophisticated soirees will open up before me and when that time comes, I shall have just the skirt prepared!

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