Monday, 21 February 2011

Japanese "Town Blouse"

I’ve had my eye on some Japanese craft books for a while now, but have always been too scared to take the plunge. After reading this great post from Flossie Teacakes, I pulled myself together and ordered a copy of “Feminine Wardrobe” from M is for Make.

My to do list is enormous: I should be making bags, working on pattern templates, writing craft posts… anything but sewing for myself, but ever since this book landed on my doormat, I haven’t been able to think of anything else. My usual approach is to go into a frenzy and buy material for 5 different projects, then never quite finish any of them. But this time shall be different! I’ve decided to take my inspiration from the calming, simple aesthetic of the book, quieten my frantic mind and just buy fabric for one project at a time! I thought I’d start with the “Town Blouse” to begin with as 1) I love the design and 2) I think I can work out more or less what to do from the pictures without needing to do too much translation.

This is the fabric I’ve chosen – not sure yet whether to use grey lace or white for the edging. I was drawn to the grey first, but then got a bit concerned that it may just end up looking dirty.

And all very coincidentally, I discovered earlier today that M is for Make is hosting a Japanese Pattern Book Sewalong in the next couple of weeks - so this is all perfect timing!

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