Monday, 14 February 2011

It feels like I only just wrote my last post –how did another 2 weeks flash by so quickly? So, things have been busy busy as always – not enough time for sewing and crafting as I’d like – not even enough time for things I don’t like really (dusting, cleaning the bathroom, taking more than one pee a day…) But there have been a few crafty moments…

Definitely the highlight of my fortnight has been a weekend mosaic course with Jo Thorpe. I was never drawn to mosaic until researching this post for UK Handmade. I loved Jo’s work and felt inspired to have a go. Jo runs the courses from her flat and despite us all being nervous at first, she manages to make it feel very relaxed and comfortable right from the beginning.

I don’t think I could call myself a natural! It took a while to get the hang of cutting the tiles. I couldn’t quite get my head around the concept of making the shapes in my design by laying down square tiles, rather than cutting tiles into curved shapes. And my use of colour could be described as anything but clever, but I loved every minute of the two days. I meant to take photos of the session but got so engrossed that I could think of nothing beyond nipping tiles like a lunatic.

I wished the course was 4 days as I’d have liked to have a second attempt to put right all the things I messed up in my first go, but here it is…. My not so gorgeous mosaic (supposedly inspired by a 70s textile design, but not sure you’d know it!)

Oh, and also highly exciting was the opportunity to go to a Hackney warehouse party on the Saturday night – an album launch of a friend of a friend – and we were out past midnight (4 minutes past precisely!) and I slept on sofa cushions on my friends floor – not a nappy or a tommy-tippy cup in sight!


  1. Wow Verity your mosaic looks ACE! and how great that you were inspired to have a go via your research for the UK Handmade Craft Profile (^o^) brilliant.

    Anna xx

  2. Thanks Anna! I love finding out the amazing and inspiring work that other people are doing - Jo's work really is fantastic! I'd love to commission something one day. Non-fabric stuff never comes out quite the way I had in my head - plus when you've spent ages staring at something it's tricky to stop seeing all the things you know are a bit wrong! Think I'll put it in a cupboard for a little while and then "rediscover" it so I can finally hang it up in the house! xxx



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