Saturday, 16 January 2010

Knitting Rocks!

Thursday night was “Knitting Night” – the second installment of the mini knitting circle that we set up just before Christmas. There are only 4 of us and we’re all nice girls so we’re more “stichlet and bitchlet” than Stitch n Bitch. Snow meant that the original date was postponed – we decided we didn’t want to have to waste our precious yarn on knitting a “HELP” sign for the snow plows to see, although the idea of being snowed in with nothing to do but knit and sew to keep warm is obviously more of a dream for me than a nightmare!

We’re all at various degrees of expertise – Miriam is at the top of the knitted totem pole and is working off-piste (‘scuse the snow pun) on a tank-top for her sister. I’m definitely not up to improvising but am currently knitting my first lace-work project - a ‘matinee’ jacket for the little monkey (so she’ll look the part at all those matinees babies go to, of course) and Lorna is just starting out and was practising stitches – her homework for next time is to decide on her first ever project. Here are the fruits of our labour:

Ask me just over a year ago what I’d be doing on a Thursday night and knitting at a friend's house with a baby at home would definitely not have been my first answer, but I was in 7th heaven!

I’ve got big plans for knitting this year. After the matinee jacket I can't wait to get started on this chunky beauty from Gedifra as featured in the January issue of The Knitter - I've never tried cable stitch before so it'll be a challenge - and an expensive one at that as the yarn costs a small fortune! But it's my birthday soon though so I'm making some not so subtle hints.

I’ve also got my eye on a set of cable scatter cushions for our bedroom, a delicious Debbie Bliss bag with pom poms and another short sleeved cardi for Freya. That should keep me going for a while!

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  1. The jacket's looking great! We've had a few craft evenings as well which have been brilliant fun and so far Emma's made an apron, Fiona's made a skirt out of an umbrella and I've been rabbiting. But some of the evenings have ended up being mainly gazing into the button box of one of our hosts (a button collection of at least thirty years)! I've never knitted anything with a pattern in but I'm considering doing a patterned scarf after the rabbit ... I'll need to employ all my powers of concentration and patience. I wish you lived closer so you could be my emergency knitting reponse unit! xx



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