Sunday, 24 January 2010

Charity shop goodies

Just wanted to share my latest charity shop finds - this is all from one shopping session in Headington in Oxford - land of charity shops and cafes! You can't beat a bit of charity shop hunting for guilt free spending and I love the sense of discovery you get when you find a little gem winking at you from under a pile of dusty old horrors!

The haul included 3 vintage scarfs and a mans leather belt that I'm thinking of using for bag handles, a floaty black blouse and a gorgeous Rowan knitting pattern book for vintage style knits using their Kidsilk Haze wool (I'm adding the lacy balloon sleeve top in the photo to my knitting to-do list). And finally, the piece de resistance was absolutely stacks of a fabulous vintage flower-fairy fabric. The design has the sweetest name of "Whisperwood" and is from Vymura - unfortunately I haven't been able to find out when it was produced. I'm not sure how well the design would work for the outside of a bag, but it will be perfect for lining.



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