Wednesday, 4 June 2014

How to: Make a Terrarium

I love plants, I really do, but they just don't seem to know it. The plants in our house are a tough crew - the survivors.  So, I've decided to play to my strengths, putting something pretty in a pot and then forgetting about it for a while. Cactus and succulents - they're the plants for me. And I get to say the word 'terrarium' a lot. Which is good.

So here's my quick guide to making a terrarium. It's all very obvious really!

 You will need:
  • Catcus & succulent compost
  • Gravel - finding this was the tricky bit! I took the girls to our local aquarium one rainy afternoon and bought aqua gravel for fish tanks. 
  • selection of succulents and cacti (none of those I bought cost more than £1.99)
  • An open or closed glass container - large kilner jars work well
  • Spoon
  • Small handed helpers (optional)

Step 1: Spoon the compost into the jar - you can also put a layer of gravel and charcoal at the bottom first for extra drainage if you are using plants that need more water than cacti

Step 2: Position your plants, starting with the largest. Settle them in nicely with a little more compost.

Step 3: Spoon a little gravel over the potting soil. You can stop here, or if your helpers have happened to gather moss for you...


 Step 4: Add a little moss, spritz with a little water, and your gorgeous terrarium is now complete!

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