Monday, 3 February 2014

The properly drafted rough and tumble dress

People, I am taking a trip on the sewing train this month and it is going fast! woo woo! Sorry, don't know what came over me. In real English, I have found myself sewing a lot recently - more than usual that is - and am loving it.

This knockabout pull-over pinafore dress was inspired by a 70s book of sewing clothes for children that my buddy Emily gave me last year. I drafted the pattern from scratch (rather than my usual frankenstein's monster of changing existing patterns and tracing round clothes that fit), using Winifred Aldritch's Metric Pattern Cutting for Children Book and everything. The "being ever so proper" effect was slightly spoiled by having Flushed Away on tv at the time. But at least that stopped my little "helpers" from being too helpful.

Freya loves the print - it's an Ikea fabric- particularly as the rabbit at the top right looks like Totorro. Pockets are also a thumbs up - yay. But on the downside (in Freya's eyes) there is no twirl factor - boo.

The shape came out just as I'd hoped and I'm proud that I drafted it all properly with no shortcuts or fudging. On the downside, it's a little big at the moment, so looks better with a cardigan over the top to make it a little less "there". But, at least it will fit for a while - and so far, it's held up well to pre-school, playgrounds and woodland walks.

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