Thursday, 13 February 2014


The last 3 projects I've knitted have all been seamless.

And that my friends, may be the smuggest sounding sentence I've ever written! Of course, I mean seamless in the without-seams sense, rather than the "oh it went so terribly well" sense.

It all started with the experimental socks that I knitted for my brother - it was a last minute Christmas present dash, so no pics, but he tells me they stay up and do the things socks are supposed to, so that's good. I was pretty certain that of everyone I know, my brother is the most likely to be pleased by an experimental sock.

Then came this cardi for Esther. The pattern is the Seren Seamless cardigan from Katy Ferrall aka Ceradka. It was a super quick knit and had enough going on with thte yoke to keep things interseting. I used a cotton yarn which I think was probably a mistake as it's a bit more "hangy" that I'd like - especially the front hem. And the button bands are not my best work ever, but it looks nice on and whiled away a good few episodes of Masters of Sex.   It's also (I have just noticed) in Made by Loulabelle corporate colours. Good stuff.

The current seamless knit is a tank-top for Freya. Seamless it seems, is the way to go!

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