Saturday, 9 February 2013

When Santa came to town...

Okay, so Christmas is now just a fuzzy memory pushed to the back of our brains by snow, January detox diets and the whiff of spring.  But the Santa's elves who looked after our house have finally been discharged from their Christmas re-hab centre and want to show you some of the things they made for the Loulabelle little ones this year...

First they went to town with the Princess and the pea project  from the very clever Manda Gregory of Treefall Design, as published in Mollie Makes Issue 15.

15 quilts, a pillow, 3 fimo peas and a crown later, they decided at 1am one December night that they must also make a bag to keep everything in - oh, and of course, the peas needed their own little pea-sack....

The next "it'll only take an evening" project, was the mice family of 3 - also from Mollie Makes (issue 11). Santa's elves went a bit cross-eyed with this one and will NOT be sewing mouse clothes again, EVER, but were quite pleased with the outcome - even if it did take a week and not 3 hours.

The last thing that the elves wish to share with you for now are these textured bean sacks and their special pom pom  festooned home. The elfs got a little giddy with festive spirit, red wine and dark chocolate, and what was supposed to be 3 little bags for one little baby, became 10 sacks and a draw-string bag to keep them in. Each bag has a different filling - rice, lentils, dried peas. The outsides are made from textured fabrics - fake leather, cord, barkcloth - and there are ribbon tags and pom poms thrown in for good measure! This project was one of my (sorry, the elves) own, so I thought I might share a how-to in the next couple of weeks - as long as the elves give me permission of course.

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