Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Baby's got a brand new bag

Little E was looking somewhat squished in her sleeping bag last week. It occured to me it might have something to do with the 0-6 month old label- baaad mummy!

Once the guilt subsided, I was quite glad for the excuse to make a new one, as all the shop bought bags we have are creamy, beigy blah blah colour or adorned with irritating smug bunnies. So, out came a 70s bed spread, a flannel sheet and a bit of bias binding.

I used this great pattern from Small Dream Factory as my template and then worked out how to fit it all together as I went along.

Esther is now snug as a bug which-is-cosy-but-has-lots-of-room in its cocoon, and  wakes up to look at her purple and pink toes with glee. Gooood mummy!

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