Monday, 9 July 2012

A weekend of wonder

I was just flicking through my phone picture gallery and realised what a busy - slightly surreal, possibly kitsch - weekend we had! Saturday was Oxford's Alice Day, celebrating the 150th anniversary of first telling of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  We haven't introduced Freya to Lewis Caroll yet, so we feared she'd be wierded out by Alice related madness. But no, she loved the 10 minute Alice Musical (what's not to like about dancing prawns), went cuckcoo for crafting a Mad Hatters hat, and completely enthralled by story telling from the Storytelling Laureate (it's all about the eyelashes!).

 Sunday was strawberry picking day, vamped up with a little mouse face paint and jazzy green nails.

Then today we watched the Olympic Torch go past - try explaining what that's all about to a toddler! However, I have learnt that in toddler land, no reason is needed for a spot of flag-waving and flame-watching:  it's totally reasonable - in fact, expected - to be standing at the side of a road making whooping sounds at random strangers.

I guess every day is pretty much full of wierd and wonderful stuff when you're 2 and a half and like putting a bandage on every finger.

As for Esther.... well, she just came along for the ride...

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