Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Truck 2012: done and dusted!

Hurrah, the sun finally remembered what it’s supposed to be doing – just in the nick of time. Last week was spent manically stitching while keeping fingers, toes and ears crossed that the rain would stop for Truck Festival... and it worked!

Highlights included: the amazing range of vocal sounds illicited by handmade vintage fabric knickers; witnessing the brilliant sales skills of a 2 yr old daughter (“do you like my mummy’s shop, there are lots of colours...”); meeting our stall neighbour Geoff the Vintage man; and holding a serious sales conversation while wearing a zebra mask on Wild Animal dress up day.

Camping is definitely good for the soul – nothing tastes better than a cuppa in a field or food with grass in it. And as ultimate testament to the restorative powers of fresh air and no showers, Mr Loulabelle has just installed a new outdoor light without either swearing or throwing about of tools!

Made by Zoo-labelle


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  1. Fab post - I long to go to a festival with the kids. Your little one is soooo adorable. Glad it was a success too - I love your handmade stuff.



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