Friday, 13 April 2012

warm weather knits!

The weather has been so glorious this past week that it seems a bit strange to be thinking about keeping warm, but I've been saving this post for a while now, so thought it was time to share the latest in my Baby Number 2 knitwear preparation.

I really enjoyed knitting this blanket - it uses a chunky yarn so grew quickly, and the pattern is different for every other row so although the finished blanket is pretty large, it doesn't get too repetitive. The pattern was the Baby Chalice Blanket by Karen S. Lauger  (aka Lykkefanten), available as a free download via Ravelry.  As you can see, I went BRIGHT on the colour front - maybe a bit to much, but at least it won't get lost at playgroup!

These leg warmers were really easy to knit using the easy Baby Frog Legs pattern from Ruthie Pearl  The pictures in her post are so cute, I can't wait to have a baby to model them! I'm trying to convince myself that they are a practical knit for Spring as they should hopefully work well with a vest and baby knickers combo. This was my first introduction to the magic-loop technique and I'm now a definite convert!

As we don't yet have a real baby to try them out on, Freya's baby (who goes by the imaginative name of "Baby") offered to do the honours...

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  1. I love the leg warmers. Funny because I'm knitting ahead for Autumn with a nice cosy jumper it will take me that long to finish it! Hope all goes well with baby no.2. Amanda x



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