Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: Mobile Phone Pocket

I am officially rubbish at mobile phones. I can’t do text speak, I can’t work out how to send a photo and until recently, I was constantly missing calls while I scrabbled round in the bottom of my bag trying to find my phone amongst the jungle of tissues, receipts and baby snacks. So, I decided to take matters in hand and add a mobile phone pocket to the next bag I made. There are a number of different ways to do this, but I think this is the simplest method.

These instructions are for a pocket that will fit a mobile phone up to 2” 1/8 / 55mm wide, but could easily be adapted if your phone is a different size.

You will need to make your pocket and attach it to one of the bag lining pieces before constructing your bag

Step 1: Cut out an oblong of fabric 5 3/4 “/48mm tall and 4 1/2 “/115mm wide to coordinate or contrast with your bag lining.

Step 2: Turn under and press 1/4”/6mm on all 4 sides of the oblong. To make this super quick, use this brilliant tip from Florence of Flossie Teacakes and use a piece of card with lines drawn at 1/4"/6mm intervals as a pressing guide.

Step 3: Turn under and press a further ¼”/6mm on one of the narrower edges of the oblong and top stitch or zigzag the turning in place. This is now the top edge of your pocket.

Step 4: Measure and mark a line ¾”/20mm in from each long edge.

Step 5: Fold and press along these lines so that the long edges are now folded under at the back of the pocket.

Step 6: Carefully stitch a line of topstitching about 1/8”/3mm from the folded edges you have just made along each long side.

You have now created a permanent “crease” in the pocket as shown in the picture below.

Step 7: Now for the fiddly bit: Work out the desired position of your pocket on one of your bag lining pieces. Keeping the long creased edges of your pocket folded under, place the pocket on your lining piece in the desired position. Mark the position of the long creased edges by placing a pin at the top and bottom – as per the picture.

It’s important to be as careful and accurate as possible here, or you may end up with a wonky pocket – and no one wants that!

Step 7, Part 2: Now, carefully unfold the creased edges of the pocket, keeping the pin markers in place. Align the long edges of the unfolded pocket with the pin markers and pin in place. Repeat on the other side. You should now have something that looks like this:

Step 8: Carefully stitch the long sides of the pocket in place about 2/8”/6mm from the edges.

Step 9: Nearly there! Now, to finish the bottom of the pocket, line up the creased edges so that they sit exactly on top of the long edges you have just stitched to the lining. Pin in place. You will need to create a sort of pleat with the sides of the pocket folding inside the pocket itself.

Step 10: Carefully stitch the bottom of the pocket in place – about 2/8”/6mm from the edge.

Now slip your phone into the pocket and marvel at how cosy it looks all snuggled up in its own little handy home!


  1. It looks great - and you make it look so easy! I must admit, coz I like a big bag, I wouldn't buy one without a mobile phone pocket these days... just like you say, saves missing that important call while you are scrabbling about!
    Thanks for the tutorial! :-)

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  13. You had me at "now for the fiddly bit." I'm going to frame that and put it in my sewing room!

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