Friday, 12 March 2010

Knitting latest - the highs and lows!

Last night was the 4th installment of knitting night - aka Knit and Natter (we decided "stitch and bitch" was far too bad-girl for us nice young ladies!). Anyway, I realised I've been making pretty good progress over all and thought I'd share my latest knitting projects.

The matinee jacket is all done and dusted - I'm still not sure why they are called matinee jackets - it's not yet been sported at any matinees but has been worn by Freya with a certain amount of style. I've also finished this cute little short-sleeved lacy cardigan which I'm really pleased with. It looks great on Freya with her turqoise and brown polka-dot leggings - although she was described by someone as looking very "mint choc chip"! Mmmm ice-cream flavoured baby - sounds delicious!!! Here they are displayed in all their glory against the background of one of 4 fabulous vintage pillowcases that my splendid other half found for me on a charity shop hunt.

My current project is now the giant bolero from my earlier post. It's a really simple pattern, but either something to do with the extraordinarily large needles (look at them - it's like knitting with small trees!) or the inordinately expensive wool has meant I've had a few false starts and last night ended in disaster - the natter got in the way of the knitting and I ended up having to undo the whole evening's work. At least with wool this chunky and needles this big it won't take too long to catch up again!

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