Thursday, 6 March 2014

Grown up adventure

February was a momentous month in the Loulabelle household, because the grown-up Loulabelle's got to go away on a little trip. All. By. Themselves.

Turns out sleeping in a gypsy caravan, with a view of a helicopter, a London bus and a groovy 70s caravan,  is pretty awesome.  Mice ate our bread, and the gypsy bed was half a foot too short for Mr Loulabelle, but I'm still glad we had this particular adventure and didn't just go for a luxury B&B. It's more wierd camping than glamping, but Blackberry Wood in Ditchling was just the right kind of odd-ball, slightly scruffy-round-the-edges place we were looking for.

Fuelled up on a bacon sandwich made from the bits of bread the mice didn't fancy, we spend an epic day in Brighton - vintage bric-a-brac browsing, pub dipping, movie watching and food eating for a wonderful 10 hour stretch.

Snoopers Paradise and To Be Worn Again did us proud. We left the South Downs on the Sunday several pounds (stirling) lighter, several pounds (in weight) heavier, and with a lot more holding of hands than when we got arrived.

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