Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Basic tailoring - oh my!

Last night was knit club night.  Good progress was made with Project Turban (more on this later!), the wine and chocolate flowed, and we compared disastrous brother stories. But the icing on the cake for me was being given a book that our hostess's mother in law had been clearing out.  

Basic Tailoring from Time Life Books (1975) looks pretty unassuming from the outside, but check out the title page for Chapter 1 and you'll understand why my heart skipped a little stacked heel beat. What could be more jolly than a kalaidescope montage of a 70s suited couple!

 I  have fallen in love with this book! Yes, the content is good - great step by step guide to tailoring with a bit of suiting history thrown in for good measure, but for me, the content comes second to the amazing images from a time before Photoshop...

  ...when men were maxing out the bow-ties and feeling mightily flambouyant with their evening wear...

"Hey man, I am loving that bowtie." "Why thanks, I made it myself."
Wooosh! Many an evening was spent running down hills with arms outstretched in the 70s...

 Billy Connelly in a hunting jacket? Suits you sir
Right, I'd best be off - I've got my work cut out convincing Mr Loulabelle that we need matching capes...

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  1. Excellent book. It's aging me but I still have my Stitch by Stitch 20 book set by Torstar Books 1985 which has all the patterns for clothes; in stitching, sewing, crocheting, knitting and such. The pics show the age, but the methods are the same! :)



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