Friday, 7 September 2012

Wowsers, check out these trousers!

Trousers - a word that has never been the same for me since it became a 3 minute mantra during a tipsy conversation with an Australian in Chile.  Anyway....

After making way too many baby trousers in my pre-Esther nesting frenzy, the lovely Emily from Oxford's Shop at the Old Fire Station commissioned a small range. The reversible trousers in my original post were based on a fab pattern from Made by Rae.  Using someone elses pattern for commercial purposes is of course a big no-no, so I drafted my own trouser pattern (higher back, deeper crotch, longer leg with more shaping etc) and added details such as leg pockets and cute bum appliques. I used 4 different fabric combos - 2 girly and 2 unisex in sizes 0-3 months and 3-6 months.

I really enjoyed drafting my own pattern - of course, it's something I do with bags all the time, but drafting clothes patterns from scratch has been something I've done much more of since having the girls - maybe it's because baby clothes use up so much less fabric that the risk of disaster feels less significant!

So, if you're in Oxford and passing the Old Fire Station take a peak at my baby pants! Oh, and if you're ever at a loss for something to do, try saying "trousers" repeatedly for 3 minutes.

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