Thursday, 28 July 2011

A month in pictures Part 2: Truck Festival

Last weekend I had a stall at Truck festival, and for the first time, I sold knickers. Definitely a crowd pleaser, although frequent cries of "nice pants" kept me checking that my own underwear was well tucked away!

The weather was perfect and the atmosphere was very jolly indeed. After a truly hectic run-up it couldn't get much better than relaxing in the sun, chatting about vintage fabric, underwear and bags with lots of lovely people. My stall was next to Darn it and Stitch so inbetween chatting to customers I got to hang out with my buddies - even more perfect! Other highlights included Johnny Flynn, Gruff Rhys, lentil dahl from the Rotary club (that's food, not another band name) and the "Truck All Stars" finale performance of the Fleetwood Mac Rumours album.

There's some great photos on the Truck Festival website including this photo of your's truly, well and truly caught in an act of last minute preparation. Here are some of the shots I took.

The bow-tie hair clip came into it's own on "sports casual" dress up day...

Pretty things on the Darn it and Stitch stall...

I love this necklace from fellow etsians Delilah and Wild, just one of my lovely purchases (of which, more posts are to come!)...


  1. Your stall looks great and I especially like the knickers!

  2. Ooh I love those knickers too! Lovely and colurful!



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