Monday, 20 June 2011

What do you think?

Right at the very very top of my guilt list, in big bold red letters and with lots of underlining is Updating my Etsy and Folksy Shops. Somehow, something else always comes up which is pretty rubbish as how am I going to sell stuff if it's just sitting at home in my stock cupboard - right?

I'm travelling a lot this week, so no time for listing (again!) but at least I managed to make a start on the photos at the weekend. I've stuck with the usual white back-drop shots, but have also tried something a bit different with some outdoor shots involving a real-life human (well, me!). What do you think - does our shed and concrete yard add anything?!


  1. I like seeing scale of a bag against a living person, but it is much clearer when there is no external clutter. Maybe I'm just rubbish at see visualising measurements.

  2. I LOVE your outdoor shots. You make a great model (great outfit by the way) and the fabric of the bags looks really strong against the background colours. Always nice to have a slice of life(style) in there!

  3. Yes, like the outdoor shots too - but perhaps at least one indoor, white background shot for clarity too? I think your lovely outfit gives a sense of the kind of person who might enjoy using your bags.

  4. Thanks for the feedback ladies - think the consensus is that lifestyle shots work, but solo shots of the bags alone are needed too.



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