Monday, 4 April 2011

A voyage of discovery...

A couple of days ago, the lovely Kat of Kat Got the Cream was awarded a well deserved Kreativ Blogger award. Imagine my delight when I was included in her top 10 favourite blogs. As an award recipient, Kat was required to divulge 10 facts about herself, so in the spirit of sharing, here is my list of...

10 little known facts about myself

1. I still have 2 of my baby-teeth

2. I very much love my vegetables but have eaten llama, alpaca, guinea pig and possum - as well as the usual animals (note: I do NOT recommend possum pie as a hangover cure)

3. I have no real claims to fame - possibly the best I can do is having gone to school with Dennis Waterman's daughters. Oh, and Stephen Fry was at my brother's school play.

4. I must have a tissue with me at ALL times. Usually stuffed down one of my sleeves, or in a pocket. When I stand up, there's usually a tissue on the chair below that I've had tucked under my thigh. I can't explain it, it's just something I have to do. They are known as "my little friends" - thankfully, despite this, I have real friends too.

5. I love taking photos, but these days seem to only take photos of 2 things - bags and my daughter. Sometimes my daughter with a bag, occasionally my daughter in a bag, but most often it's one or the other.

6. I am an avid list writer. Again, it's a compulsion. Sometimes I sneak some easy stuff on there, just so I can tick it off (have a shower, eat lunch) I have lists of my lists. In fact, here I am, right now, writing a list... and I'd written down to do this on another list.

7. I'm just starting to become addicted to twitter. I'm not quite there yet, but can feel myself sliding towards it. Am very nervous about the possibility of overshare.

8. I love my name now, but hated it as a child growing up in Norfolk. I yearned for a nice normal name like Louise or Jane. One summer holiday I told the other girls my name was Aurora. Looking back now, I don't think that would have been any better.

9. My (not-so)secret shameful crushes (past and present) include Hugh Dennis, Jimmy Nail and Nigel Havers. And my girl crush is Claudia Winkelman - it's all about the fringe, the shoes and the sense of humour (for Claudia that is, can't explain the rest of them!)

10. I have many ambitions/goals for the future (being the best Mum I can be, volunteering with a charity, be a nicer person etc ) but right now, the one that makes me take a big deep breath in and out is the thought of a month's yoga retreat, somewhere gorgeous like India or Bali. Feels like a very long way off, but it's okay, it's on my list!

And lastly, here are my fave 10 blogs:

ssh, don't tell anyone but those glasses don't have lenses in them

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant ten facts, making me laugh out loud lots!! Am off to check out your fave blogs.

    PS I love your name!
    PPS I wouldn't turn down a date with Claudia either (but only if Joanna had cancelled of course!).
    K x



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