Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The baby's new clothes

I've developed a new addiction - healthier than smoking and not as expensive as gambling, but still pretty unsociable as all my spare time this past fortnight or so has been taken up with... making baby clothes.

The fruits of my addiction so far run to: 2 dresses with matching bloomers, 2 tops, 1 pair wide legged trousers, 1 pair elasticated bottom trousers and 1 pair shoes. I've been using these patterns: Butterick B5017 and New Look 6903 which I can definitely recommend.

(recognise this dress anyone? Twas the subject of much rage)

But, I can't stop! I have so many more cute things in mind (including this top and romper from Simplicity) My defense is that Freya needs new clothes as she's bursting out of what she currently has, but I fear if I let my new obsession run it's course that she may become the Imelda Marcus of baby clothes. Oh well, I guess there will come a time when she will be deeply embarrased about wearing stuff her Mum made, so I'm indulging myself while I can!

And to end this post, here are the outtakes of today's photo shoot...

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  1. I had that NewLook pattern, or one very like it! It made many outfits for both girls and teddy still sports a pink gingham romper 'n' bloomers outfit. Make the most of your baby being able to wear the lovely clothes you make. My daughters (aged 13 and 9) won't be seen now with anything I sew for them, although dd2 did consent to wear (once!) a flouncy skirt I made recently.



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