Tuesday, 3 November 2009

My baby, my teacher

I can't believe our gorgeous little girl will be 3 weeks old tomorrow - it already feels like she has always been part of our lives. Life is very much revolving around this new little person at the moment, but this post is the first stage of poking my head back into the wider world. Night feeds provide plenty of time for reflection and I've been thinking about how much of a learning curve this past few weeks has been, so I'm going to be very self-indulgent with a soppy post, before heading back to bags, vintage fabric and crafts.

I knew that as a new mum I'd quickly learn the intricacies of bathing, feeding and winding, but I didn't expect our wonderful baby to teach me so much other stuff. Here are some of the lessons she has given me:

  • the real meaning of living each moment as it comes
  • the unbounded and infinite nature of love
  • the calming properties of patience
  • to hear - and listen - to my instincts
  • to prioritise love and family above all else
  • a new understanding of my own parents
  • a new respect for the human body (even mine!) as a life source
  • to enjoy the "feminine aspect"
  • a new and precious depth to the relationship with my partner
  • the richness of the spectrum of emotions - fear, happiness, frustration, loss, pride
  • the wonder of the world in which we live in

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