Monday, 5 October 2009

The grand opening of... The Nursery!

Hurrah! The nursery is all ready!

Here is the before photo - it doesn't quite do justice to the truly terrifying lime green walls, navy carpet and egg yolk cutains, but believe me, it was quite a sight .....

And here are the after shots...

As we don't know what flavour The Bean will be, we had to stick to neutral colours - plus, it wasn't long ago that I'd initially decorated for spare room/sewing room purposes - hence the slightly grown-up wall paper choice, but I think it works okay for a little person too and am really pleased with how the woodland theme turned out. I was a bit worried there might be too many "eyes" in the room but I'm hoping the baby will feel looked after by his/her foresty friends rather than being watched!

Recognize the curtains? Yep, they're the ones from my 2nd ever post - okay, so they didn't make it to a bag, but they were the perfect mix of big, busy pattern and sunny colour to add a bit of fun and warmth to the window.

I'm not looking forward to the sleepless nights, but I
am looking forward to wrapping myself and the baby up in the crochet blanket of camden squares that (finished last week) and snuggling back into the vintage fabric cushion. The v-shaped cushion was a kind donation which I re-covered in a pretty brushed cotton of little brown and beige flowers.

The hedgehog mobile is one of my favourite things about this room! It's from Flensted Mobiles
and was a gift from the fabulous American Aunties (aka the Boston based ladies at work) and moves with such a lovely gentle glide. I re-lined the wicker baskets and am planning to use one for toys and one for nappies.

The hunt for woodland themed wall decals was a long one and involved a surprising number of scary looking creatures, guarenteed to give babies nightmares! Eventually I found two decals that I really liked - I used one as a main feature on the side wall opposite the window (see below) and the other as a cute accent next to the cupboard door. Both decals came from Holly on Etsy. Eventually I'll add some more pictures to the wall under the shelf to brighten things up a bit more.

The giclee prints were from a fabulous Etsian artist based in New Zealand called Sugarloop. These are the first prints I've bought from her, but have a feeling they won't be the last!

The heart-shaped cot decoration was another make from the Catherine Woram Gifts for Baby
book. And you've already met Archie the bear!

Lastly, but by no means least - here are the cot bumper and quilt cover that started the whole woodland theme. These are extra special because they were mine when I was a baby! Mum has kept them all these years and I'm so pleased that I get to use them now.

So now the room is ready, we just need the baby to go with it! I'm due tomorrow so the wait is nearly over!


  1. Verity, what a beautiful nursery. I think it's absolutely wonderful. I particularly love the tree and owls.

  2. lovely!

    I'm Laura from Italy... I'd like to cite your blog on mine! :D



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