Monday, 17 August 2009

Day of the dining room chairs

I'm feeling very pleased with myself as we made good progress with Operation Dining Room at the weekend. We're still a few finishing touches from completion, but we've come a long way!

Here's the before photos... (mmm, nice carpet - I love a good stain!)

We've now re-painted, carpeted and we've got some fab Eames era furniture, but the chairs needed recovering (honestly Paul, they really did!) so this was my big project of the weekend. Feeling in need of some adult supervision, I removed the cushion pads from the chair frames and took them over to Mum and Dad's where I knew I'd be safe if things started to go wrong!

The preparation took most of the time and I'm sure we removed enough staples to make chain mail for a battalion of guinea-pigs. I used the old chair covers as a pattern for making up the new ones and then attached to the pads with Dad's trusty staple gun and help from Mum with a few tricksy corners. Aren't parents great?

So here's the before photo...

And here are the after shots in all their glory...

(Let's gloss neatly over how I spent an hour painstakingly reattaching the cushion pads the wrong way round - suffice it to say that Paul wins a special bravery medal for pointing it out!)

Oh, and to top it all, after all their help, Dad also gave me this amazing harvest festival style box of home-grown fruit and veg to take back home!

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