Hello! Thanks for visiting.  I'm Verity. I live in Oxford with my partner, two daugters and an awful lot of vintage fabric.

I started sewing at the age of 12 when my Mum gave me her old Singer. 'Lottie' and I were BBF's right up till a couple of years ago when her beloved charachter traits of inexplicable tension and occasional temperamentality put a strain on the relationship. She lives in the attic now and I've moved on to 'Bernie' - a saucy Brother. I still feel bad. But the sewing is much better.

This is where I talk about the things I sew, things I sell and things I see. You'll notice I say 'fab' too much, often apologise for not blogging more, and have a tendency to whiffle (or whaffle).

Comments make me happier than you can possibly imagine - well, nice ones anyway - so please drop me a note to say hi.  But only if you want to. veritywarne at hotmail.co.uk

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